TPCx-IoT V2 Result Highlights  (for Non-TPC Members)

Version 2 Results   As of 25-Jun-2024 at 5:44 PM  [GMT]
Supermicro             Supermicro A+ Server AS-2124BT-HTR

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Benchmark Stats
Result ID: 121033105 
Status: Historical Result 
Report Date: 08/07/19 
Active Expiration Date: 08/07/22 
TPCx-IoT Rev: 2.0.0  
Pricing Rev: 2.3.0  
Auditor: Pre-Publication Board 
System Information
Total System Cost: 137,424 USD
Performance: 253,178.82 IoTps
Price/Performance: 542.80 USD per kIoTps
TPC-Energy Metric: Not reported
Availability Date: 08/07/19 
Database: Cloudera HBase 2.0.0. on Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop 6.0.1 
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.6 
Server Specific Information
CPU Type: AMD EPYC 7502P - 2.50 GHz 
Total # of Processors:
Total # of Cores: 128 
Total # of Threads: 256 
# Storage Devices:
Memory Size: 256 GB
Total # of Records: 400 Million 

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