TPCTC Charter

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) is a non-profit organization established in August 1988. Over the past two decades, the TPC has had a significant impact on the computing industry’s use of industry-standard benchmarks. Vendors use TPC benchmarks to illustrate performance competitiveness for their existing products, and to improve and monitor the performance of their products under development. Many buyers use TPC benchmark results as points of comparison when purchasing new computing systems.

The information technology landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, challenging industry experts and researchers to develop innovative techniques for evaluation, measurement and characterization of complex systems. The TPC remains committed to developing new benchmark standards to keep pace, and one vehicle for achieving this objective is the sponsorship of the Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking (TPCTC). With this conference series, the TPC encourages researchers and industry experts to present and debate novel ideas and methodologies in performance evaluation and benchmarking.

TPCTC 2024 Collocated with VLDB 2024, Guangzhou, PRC
TPCTC 2023 Collocated with VLDB 2023, Vancouver, Canada
TPCTC 2022 Collocated with VLDB 2022, Sydney, AustraliaProceedings   DBLP Listing
TPCTC 2021 Collocated with VLDB 2021, Copenhagen, DenmarkProceedings   DBLP Listing
TPCTC 2020 Collocated with VLDB 2020, Tokyo, JapanProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2019 Collocated with VLDB 2019, Los Angeles, USAProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2018 Collocated with VLDB 2018, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2017 Collocated with VLDB 2017, Munich, GermanyProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2016 Collocated with VLDB 2016, New Delhi, IndiaProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2015 Collocated with VLDB 2015, Kohala Coast, USAProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2014 Collocated with VLDB 2014, Hangzhou, PRCProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2013 Collocated with VLDB 2013, Riva del Garda, Trento, ItalyProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2012 Collocated with VLDB 2012, Istanbul, TurkeyProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2011 Collocated with VLDB 2011, Seattle, WA, USAProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2010 Collocated with VLDB 2010, SingaporeProceedingsDBLP Listing
TPCTC 2009 Collocated with VLDB 2009, Lyon, FranceProceedingsDBLP Listing